Visited PUDU Robotics Factory
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Tobot was honored to be invited to attend PUDU Robotics' anniversary event and visit their robotics factory, gaining in-depth insights into the cutting-edge technology behind their latest delivery robots! The factory maintains strict quality control, and the professional team collaborates closely, contributing to the outstanding performance of their delivery robots.

Tobot has been in close collaboration with PUDU Robotics, engaging in mutual exchanges to enhance delivery robots that better suit the practical needs of Hong Kong! By opting for delivery robots, your business can enjoy the following advantages:


Swift Delivery
Delivery robots like HolaBot and SwiftBot efficiently plan routes to swiftly transport goods to their destinations, saving time and labor costs.


PuduBot 2 and FlashBot delivery robots are equipped with precise positioning systems, ensuring accurate delivery to specified locations, reducing errors and omissions.


Staff Liberation
Delivery robots such as KettyBot and BellaBot handle routine repetitive tasks, allowing your employees to focus on higher-value work, thereby enhancing overall productivity.