Vaccum 40_538
Vacuum 40
Commercial Cleaning Robot
  • 55dB Quiet Operation

  • 1,200 m2/h Maximum Cleaning Productivity

  • 3 in 1 Cleaning(Vacuuming, Sweeping and Mopping)

  • Close to Edge Cleaning

  • Sanitizing / Scenting

Machine Dimension 700x 570 x 875mm
Machine Weight 80kg
Cleaning Width 720mm
Max. Cleaning Efficiency 1200 m2/h
Dust Bag 12L
Trash Tray 2.5L
Max. Cleaning Speed 1m/s
Max. Vacuum Pressure 24kpa
Air Filter (hepa) hl3
Diffuser Kit Sanitizing / Scenting
Container Capacity 4L (Sanitizing) / 500ml (Scenting)
Max. Atomization 1.5L/h (Sanitizing) / 6ml/h (Scenting)