Building Delivery Robot
  • Take elevators automatically for delivery across floors
  • Accurate 3D perception to avoid low and suspended obstacles.
  • Multi-functional compartment maximizes space utilization, to perform multiple tasks with a single tap.
  • The compartments can be equipped with UV ultraviolet sterilization lamps, providing up to 99.9% disinfection rate.
  • The six-wheel independent suspension system enables smooth navigation in any environment.
  • Multiple robots can cooperate with each other, making the delivery more efficient and intelligent.
Machine Dimension 539 x 515 x 1050mm
Machine Weight 55kg
Load Capacity Max. 30kg
Charging Time 4.5h
Battery Life 12h
Cruise Speed Max. 1.2m/s
No. of Compartments 2-4 (Adjustable)